Granite YTH

Granite YTH is an experience for both middle school and high school students to grow in their faith and build relationships. It’s about creating an atmosphere where students can feel like they belong. We have youth groups, small groups (crews), and big events throughout the month for anyone to get connected.

YTH Groups

YTH Groups happen during the week depending on which campus you attend. This is an environment designed for you to be who you are, meet friends, have fun, and hear a practical message you can apply to everyday life. We currently have three YTH groups that meet every week at our Salem, Haverhill, and Lawrence locations.

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YTH Crews

YTH is meant to be a place you can grow closer to other students and you can grow closer in your relationship with God. YTH Crews are the perfect place to find friends you can do like with and who will support you as you take next steps in your faith.

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YTH Nights

YTH Nights are designed to help the youth at Granite United find the right rhythm in their walk with Jesus and have some unbelievable fun while doing it. All of our campuses meet together once a quarter to challenge our faith and encourage each other to live the life that God intended for each of us.

Our next YTH Night is:

Friday, December 13th
1 Sand Hill Rd. Salem, NH 03079

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Granite YTH is on Social Media

Granite YTH social media is a great place for our youth to stay connected to everything happening at YTH.

To receive text updates you can text "Granite YTH" to 88202

To receive campus specific text updates you can text "YTH (campus)" to 88202

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