A Home For Lawrence

From Portable to Permanent

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to gain the support of 200 individuals who are willing to increase their online, recurring contributions to the "GENERAL FUND" by an increment of $5 per week over the course of 30 months.

  • It's important to note that this initiative is not a fundraiser, it serves as an additional financial commitment aimed at facilitating the relocation of our Lawrence Campus to a new and improved facility.

    This endeavor is not just about raising funds; it's about collectively investing in the vision of reaching Lawrence for Jesus. If you share our passion and want to play a pivotal role in this, we invite you to follow the simple steps outlined below to take this meaningful step forward:

    Thank you for considering this commitment, and we look forward to having you as a valued partner in our journey to bring positive change to Lawrence and share the love of Jesus with the community.

Step One

Visit your giving profile to initiate or enhance your recurring "Tithe/General" offering by $5 per week. If you require assistance with the process, please click HERE for guidance. Your involvement is a huge part to our overall goal, and we appreciate your commitment to supporting our Lawrence Campus.

Go to Your Giving Profile

Step Two

After you have finished the process, let us know by clicking HERE! Your feedback and acknowledgment are greatly valued as they help us celebrate the progress of our goal. Thank you for for your faithfulness and taking the time to help us move Lawrence from a portable campus to a permanent home!

Let Us Know You Took a Step

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we giving to GENERAL and not Lawrence specifically?
At Granite all bills are paid from our General/Tithe fund so that is where the lease will be coming from.
Do I switch my giving to Lawrence?
No. Select your campus and update your GENERAL/TITHE amount by adding $5
Should I fill out STEP #2 for all of my family?
Yes. For anyone who will be giving $5 a week, make sure to fill out the form on step 2.
Can I only give through Secure Give?
No, you can also give directly through your bank using BillPay.
Do I fill out STEP #2 if I give through my bank?
Yes. By filling out step 2 it helps us keep track of our goal of 200 people increasing their giving by $5.