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What is YNG?

YNG is a growing community of young adults pursuing real life and authentic relationships. YNG is made up of four unique experiences.

This experience is for young adults to meet up together in homes or coffee shops to help develop deeper relationships with each other and challenge their personal growth and relationship with Jesus.

This experience is created specifically for young adults to meet other young adults in the perfect mid-size group that is comfortable for anybody to get involved. Expect a laid back night with food, fun, and friends.

This is a unique worship experience happens once a month on a Friday night focused on the needs and real life issues that young adults are facing today. This experience is for a new person to “come and see” what we’re all about.

Throughout the year, we provide weekend getaways, activities, conferences, and missions trips specifically for young adults. Some of these events will be completely about the fun and community, while other events give young adults the opportunity to reset, refocus, and get away from your daily life routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend YNG Adults?

Anyone between the ages of 18-30(ish) are welcome at YNG.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend YNG?

YNG welcomes everyone. We unashamedly preach and teach Jesus, but we create an environment where anyone can meet new people and feel like they belong.

When does YNG Adults meet?

YNG is currently in our City Group semester. We have a city group located in Haverhill, MA every Friday Night 7PM-9PM. Our next YNG Night is Friday, Dec 20th at our Salem Campus.

What does YNG Adults believe?

You can find out what our church believes here.

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