We decided a long time ago that it’s all about obedience, trust and commitment. Giving goes so much deeper then just “putting money in bucket at a church”. It deepens our relationship with our father, creates a level of commitment to him and a level of trust that many humans don’t get to experience.
— Brandon & Jess Kerns
Coming to Christ, one of the first things I heard a preacher say was ‘you can’t outgive God’. I tried, and I can tell you, it can’t be done. We found that giving is in direct relation to trusting God.
— Kevin Coleman
There are a couple reasons that I give. One of the main reasons I give is because God gave me new life through Jesus Christ which is a priceless gift of eternal life. The least I could do is give back a portion of what is Gods anyways. When we give God gives back ten-fold and even more so we can be more of a blessing. The other reason I give is to see other people’s lives forever changed! There is no better joy than to know that another life is being saved forever with God in Heaven. We are blessed to be a blessing and I live by that.
— Tim and Meghan Coco