Starting point is the place to get connected.


If you’re looking to meet some people at church and learn some more about our church then Starting Point is the perfect place to START.  Starting Point is a connection point for you to get an inside look at what our church is all about and be introduced to the various ways you can get involved.  There are 2 parts of Starting Point, usually held 2 weeks in a row.  Food is provided both weeks. 


Week 1 is geared to allow you to meet other people, including some of the Campus leaders.  We also look at our Vision Statement of our church and what we believe about Salvation and Baptism.


Week 2 is designed to help you realize what some next steps are for you at our church.  Whether it’s in groups, giving, or serving we believe growing in our relationship with Christ is a series of steps and this is a great way to talk through and identify which of those steps is right for you.


Click on the link below to see when your Campus is hosting their next Starting Points, and sign up for them.  After signing up, someone will reach out to you within in the next 2 weeks to answer any questions you may have.