Biblical Prophecy has fascinated people who casually follow Christianity as well as those who have studied the Bible for DECADES. Biblical Prophecy has an incredible impact on your belief in Jesus Christ as well as understand current events.

The Granite United PROPHECY CONFERENCE is a 2 Evening Conference that will focus on Biblical Prophecy - predictions that were made throughout the Bible, that turned out to be TRUE. The PROPHECY CONFERENCE will also explain Biblical Predictions that have not been fulfilled yet.

This will be a balanced approach to Biblical Prophecy that will help you deepen your FAITH and your UNDERSTANDING of SCRIPTURE.

Our Conference Speaker, Pastor Duke Hergatt, served for over 32 years as the Lead Pastor of NewTown Road Church. NewTown Road Church has a mission similar to Granite United Church, they have started 7 churches in the Capital Region of NY and have influence throughout their state. 

Since seating is extremely limited we will be charging $10.00 per ticket. This cost will cover both evenings of the conference. It is a 2 Night event with no childcare provided, so please plan accordingly!