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  • 1 Sand Hill Rd
  • Salem, NH, 03079
  • United States

Calling all - Band Members, Worship Leaders, Video Camera Operators, Video Editors, Media Operators and Programmers, Lighting Operators, Sound Techs, Tech Directors, Campus Producers, and Equipment Managers - THIS TRAINING IS FOR YOU!!

We saw almost 600 people see their life forever changed by starting a relationship with Jesus this past year! Those are 600 people that you helped create an environment for them to hear about the HOPE OF JESUS and to encounter the LOVE OF JESUS. That was 1000 opportunities for our connection teams to lead someone in their steps towards being a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ! Last year we saw almost 300 baptisms, & our church grew in average size by over 200 people! 

 As part of our creative arts team, YOU are often the first thing that captures our new guests attention and begins to tear down walls and open their hearts to the TRUTH of Gods word. YOU create a space for people to commit to going deeper in their walk with Jesus and seeing their lives transformed! KICK OFF THE NEW YEAR by attending this CENTRAL TRAINING where you will -

 * hear stories of life change that will fire you up

 * receive practical training on skills that you can put into practice RIGHT AWAY in your worship or tech team. 

 *connect with other team members from around the Granite United Universe.  Make new friends and partners in ministry!

* enlarge your personal vision for what God wants to do with your life and ministry.