Staff Meeting 7.14.15

Team Encouragement & Leadership Talk

2 Corinthians 9:1-3

  • Paul had been bragging on these believers
  • He knew that their hearts were to do the right thing.  There was ENTHUSIASM
  • At this point NO OFFERING had been taken yet, but He was BRAGGING ON THEM STILL.
  • Corinthian church INSPIRED others to STEP UP – Macedonia
  • There was a lot of HYPE and TALK
  • It’s MOTIVATING people like CRAZY to TAKE STEPS

Believing the BEST still shouldn’t leave us to ASSUME THINGS are HAPPENING.

2 Corinthians 9:3 – “to be sure”

  • Sometimes we stall out on BELIEVING THE BEST  we end up EM-BARE-ASSED
  • Set up a system of INSPECTING what he is EXPECTING out of Corinthian Church
  • I have been TALKING A BIG GAME about YOU

2 Corinthians 9:4 & 5

  • His reputation was on the line
  • Expectations
  • We agreed on something as a group of believers.  Needed to be sure it was happening.
  • Pastor Paul + Leadership in Corinthians = WE // Would be EMBARRASSED if it’s NOT done.
  • We have INFLUENCE in our REGION but we have sacrificed some of our INFLUENCE for not backing it up.
    • Need to appreciate and recognize our place in the region.
    • Our reach is greater than a LOCAL reach only
  • Checking in on “WHAT YOU PROMISED” 
    • In leadership mind – we are DOING IT and moving DOWN A PATH.
    • Let’s not die in the world of BELIEVING THE BEST IN EVERYONE – Will RUIN YOU

At Granite are we?

  • Walking the Walk
  • Do we have processes/systems in place that are working
  • Inspection points to make sure things ARE READY
  • Never asked “how are we doing?” just asked if it was READY
    • You can talk like this with COMPETENT LEADERSHIP





It’s our REPUTATION that brings people in.  It’s our reality that KEEPS PEOPLE or PUSHES them away.

If you aren’t LEVERAGING YOUR INFLUENCE you are not really leading.


2 Corinthians 10:10-16

  • He wasn’t trying to be FEARFUL or SCARY
  • There is a leaders EDGE to Paul.
    • Don’t worry about having your tone & emotion “misunderstood” – Paul was misunderstood too.
    • He wrote things out in black and white so it couldn’t be misconstrued.  In person can lead to confusion.
  • Not all communication should be FACE to FACE.
    • Lead in all pockets and in all ways.  Use Technology.
  • Verse 11 – I am going to always make sure that I WILL GIVE YOU THE TRUTH, but it will be with GRACE.



TAKEAWAY #1 – Team members need to respect EACH OTHER.  When we call for a meeting and agree on a time, SHOW UP.  This applies to EMAILS and COMMUNICATION.  HONOR and RESPECT the Gospel and the DREAM of JESUS for our Church.  This means HONOR the TEAM.

TAKEAWAY # 2 – Campus Pastor Focus on 4 AREAS

BLACK BOOKS (follow up and just randomly ask people – don’t believe the best – just ASK and INSPECT what we EXPECT)

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTHow are you equipping team to handle 2x me

LAUNCH READY/HEALTHY ROTATION what are 3-4 things your team leaders can be doing to promote LAUNCH READY

PULSE measuring results – are we getting results

TAKEAWAY #3 – When we do an ALL CHURCH ACTIVITY – NOT OPTIONAL.  BEACH BASH August 23rd, 2-5pm.  INFLUENCE NIGHT August 4th 6:30pm

What’s the secret sauce of Warrior Conference?

17 years ago when we started this thing… Before there were lights and cameras, ice arenas and 100s of people. When there was just a basement, a dude who couldn’t play guitar, and overhead transparencies for worship. The warrior conference was always special and changing lives.

Here’s the secret and read til the end to see how to make warrior conference last ALL YEAR in your church!



  • Prayer – men everywhere prayed and expected something incredible every session. It wasn’t just pastors and leaders. It spreads like wildfire EVERYWHERE.
  • Show up Early – doors opened 1/2 before sessions. We do rallies 1/2 hour before ON PURPOSE.


  • Engage – we show that we are PRESENT when we CLAP, RESPOND, and take NOTES
  • Worship – don’t let a little thing like your pride get in the way of responding to the Lord in worship and celebration.


  • Time – 100s of hours went into warrior. Guess what 100s of hours go into every weekend of services and groups through the week. When we recognize the time, we realize how much energy and power were put into something we celebrate it
  • Personal Time w/ Lord – spending time with the Lord and in the Word
  • Family Time w/ Lord – repeat what you learned with someone. Could be family, friend, co-worker.


  • Thank you – the guys publicly and privately thanked each other. Thanked each other for their friendships, for prayer, the more public the better. The bibles says “you will know we follow Jesus by way we love each other”
  • Honor – the Men of God. Who represents Jesus at each of our churches. When you respect and honor those in spiritual authority you set yourself up to be blessed

Practical ways to bring warrior to every church service the rest of the year …

  • Pray with your family or friends before church, like in the car before going inside
  • Be EARLY – make rally a priority. what we are apart of Isn’t common. Get focused and prepped with your team early.
  • Be FRIENDLY – I said friendly, not creepy. Guests need to know they are welcome and that we have been expecting them ALL WEEK – everyone on your team is a CONNECTOR!
  • Be BOLD – if you’ve been getting to know someone for awhile, ask them to serve.
  • Be ENGAGED – if you aren’t serving. Get in the game

Lastly, if you have friends and family that don’t know Jesus, they don’t know Him because you probably haven’t told them or invited them yet!  So make sure you INVITE,INVITE, INVITE because as a church we are READY to receive them!!

Here are some ways that we can make sure the energy and enthusiasm of warrior last the rest of the year and continues to GROW GROW GROW.

Staff Meeting Leadership Talk 5.15.15

Notes from Leadership Talk

  • Avoid Playing the Blame Game that we all play – “don’t beat the sheep”
    • Accountability is NECESSARY
      • Immediate cringe factor sets in when we’re not prepared
      • Anytime there’s accountability, there’s a tendency to beat the sheep – to blame others
        • Anytime we “blame” our sheep it’s not a reflection of them, but of me
        • Putting chips on the table before leading
        • Staff Mis-Alignment – people who don’t know what the other is doing
      • There are things we should be doing before we beat the sheep
        • Don’t pillow your head – do the due diligence, ask questions, know what’s going on
        • Have they been given clear direction, communication?
        • Has there been a conversation allowing them to lask who, what, when, where, and why?
        • Have I given them SMART goals? Check in points? Agree on the timeframe?
        • Do I have a relationship? Continual conversation? or am I just waiting to get told something?
      • Assumption without direction only produces stagnation and frustration
        • What direction am I giving?  What type of conversations have we had?
        • As soon as I blame a staff member it’s still my responsibility to train them or remove them
    • 4 reasons we don’t do it
      • Time – disciple with time
      • Energy – wasting our best energy on our passions, or on things we used to HAVE to do
      • Clarity – ask for direction
      • Prioritizing – small fires get in the way of getting the BIG ROCKS done
    • How to get better
      • Ask for Clarity
      • Communicate UP
        • We can’t lead on OUR BEHALF, don’t allow Pastor to PULL information; if he has to pull from me, it’s because I haven’t trained my team to communicate up and I’m most likely having to pull from them.  Need to create a CULTURE of everyone communicating UP without being asked
    • Don’t beat the sheep – they’re the reason you get to be a shepherd
    • If we blame, the team will too —> we need to take responsibility and train the team to do the same
  • Four questions
    • What Staff members need from me?
    • What staff members need to go and why?
    • What do you  need clarity on?
    • Have you communicated up the big things you’re working on? And is it clear to him?

After reading this – what is your TAKEAWAY?


Its what we do…There are layers to this

  • Attenders who need to be connected to GRANITE
  • Guests who have made a decision and we need to make sure they are truly connected to JESUS
  • People who are connected to GRANITE but are ready to take a step

Reach em and Keep em…

  • You need to get information
  • Need to use the information you get
  • Need to KEEP USING the information you gathered
  • CPs and SCs should have their finger on the PULSE of this

Make Disciples…

  • can’t do that if we don’t keep people
  • can’t do this if our teams don’t know what the CLEAR HANDOFF IS


  • Your connecions lead needs to be someone who GETS THE PEOPLE PART.  Someone who loves people, is broken for people and sees SYSTEMS and PROCESS as a tool to REACH and KEEP PEOPLE!
  • Your connections lead needs to know WHAT EVERYONE ELSE on the team does and WHO THEY ARE!
  • Your connections lead needs to know what the handoffs are
  • Your connections team needs to comprise people who are SKILLED at what they are BEING ASKED TO FOLLOW UP ON.
    • Just a guest – Do you have a nice person who is skilled at conversation calling
    • Salvation – Have you ever asked your team member to lead you to JESUS?  If its you, you’re a bottleneck!
    • Starting Point – Do you have a STRONG starting point leader
    • Baptism – Do they know what BIBLICAL BAPTISM IS, and do they know how to explain the importance of it and the difference between BABY BAPTISM.  DO YOU KNOW THAT FOR SURE?
    • Groups
    • I Want to Volunteer – Who is your recruiter?  Is your recruiter fielding these cards or is your connection team?  How do you know?
    • PRAYER REQUESTS – Who is on your prayer team, how are they following up not once BUT IN SOME CASES a few times.  DO you have a process, how do you know its being followed?

TEAMWORK – Patrick Lencioni, Seeds Conference 2015







HEALTHY (minimizing sin)

Minimal politics

Minimal confusion

High morale

High productivity

Low Turnover

Healthy places, they SAY WHAT THEY MEAN, MEAN WHAT THEY SAY.  They aren’t CONFUSED about what REALLY MATTERS.  This excites people and attracts other GREAT PEOPLE!

  1. Build a Cohesive Leadership Team
  2. Create Clarity (6 questions)
  3. Over-Communicate Clarity – Team 7 times before they believe it.
  4. Reinforce Clarity – Systems – reward, teaching, correction, etc.

Clarity – 6 Questions 

Why do we exist?


How do we behave?

What do we do?

How will we succeed?

What is most important–right now?  

Who must do what?

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  1. Absence of TRUST (we are not talking about predictive trust)
    1. Vulnerability based TRUST.  Can TALK TO EACH OTHER genuinely.
  2. Fear of CONFLICT
  3. Lack of COMMITMENT
    1. If People don’t weigh in, they don’t buy in (but they don’t have to agree)
  4. Avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY  Peer pressure is far more powerful than authority – we must get to the point where the primary source of accountability is no longer the leader but the peers on the team.
  5. In-Attention to the RESULTS

Tips For Follow Up

We had 80+ guests and 30+ salvations last week.  Pastor Milas shared with our leadership teams some tips for us to LEAD THOSE PEOPLE back to the church over these next few weeks.

Our goal from now until Easter is to get our church back to church!  As crazy as it sounds, people have gotten out of routine and we are here to help lead them back!


    1. Salvation decisions form this weekend.  You should be TALKING TO and CONNECTING WITH your team asking how they are going and who is coming back.
    2. Guest cards – Same as above. Are there enough to do a good MULTI-WEEK FOLLOW UP?
    3. What ministry teal members were missing, why, who is reaching out to them and will they be back this week?
    4. What ATTENDERS have been missing?


    1. How’s your teams black books?  How do you know?
    2. When the last time you asked CENTRAL for a complete list of names that represent your campus?
    3. How are you and your staff using that data?
    4. Who’s calling who this week?
    5. Who’s making the list?
    6. Who’s following up on the team?
    7. How will you know?

These couple of steps will lead dozens and hopefully hundreds back to church over the next weekends!

Titus 1

Titus 1

Pastoral Epistle written by Paul

He constantly reminds himself that he was made new – he begins this letter with this reminder

There was a Theological side and Practical Side of Paul

– It’s not about WHO we are but WHOSE we are

– It is a privilege to serve Christ, he is my master

– There is a constant battle with the Flesh – we know He is God, are we allowing Him to be God?

– Pastoring is a mindset – it is a sacrifice


Apostle – a messenger of Christ sent on behalf of Jesus

When Paul refers to God, He refers to the God Head – Father, Son, Holy Spirit


vs 1 to proclaim faith to those God has chosen

– we belong to God and we are messengers to the ones that God chose in eternity past who He came to die for. God chose to die for mankind

– Proclaim/teach faith and Truth

– We are being called on purpose to help people transform to know and become like Christ


vs 2 this truth gives them confidence

– The truth is how to live godly lives

– When we teach people how to follow Christ and become like Christ, they begin to feel the presence of God – teaching them to know the truth of God in their lives


vs 3 It is by the command of God our Savior that I have been entrusted with this work for him.

– Jesus said it is my ministry, my work, but Jesus need us to keep it going – we are entrusted to keep it going

– We are an extension and reflection of Jesus


vs 5 I left you on the island of Crete

– This is multi site example

– Paul left them to complete our work – the work of Jesus


God called Paul and gave him a specific mandate, commissioned him


Paul wins men to the Lord – my true son in the faith – he discipled them and grows them into leaders who can stay in an area to continue the calling without Paul


Team thoughts –

We need to call out the BEST in people so they can know the truth of Christ


Can a master ask too much from a slave? We are His anyway!

Christmas Star || Matthew 2:1-11


Background – Israel has always been the brunt of aggression.  Throughout history.  Enemy wanted to eliminate the promise of Genesis 3:15.  Enemy wants to eliminate Jesus’ substitution and payment.


Matthew 2:1-11

  • STAR guided wise men to Bethlehem
  • Genesis 1 – STARS are in God’s Hands.
  • Revelation 1 – Lampstands are church, Stars are the pastors of those churches.
  • It’s responsibility of pastors to lead people to experience a life changing experience with God.
  • Star WENT AHEAD & LED.  Pastor needs to ILLUMINATE & GO AHEAD.
  • When they saw THE STAR they were filled with JOY
  • Connect the STARS from Genesis to Revelation – we draw ATTENTION to Point PPL to GOD
  • Then they ENTERED THE HOUSE….
  • Psalm 69 – ZEAL for the HOUSE has CONSUMED us…

Communication Team Take Away –

  • following the NOISE to the HOUSE

CP Take Away –

  • You go ahead for your teams.
  • You draw attention to yourself to bring Glory to God.

Connection Team Take Away –

  • You are guiding people into the HOUSE
  • Your calls, reminders, texts, and trying to bring people back.

Host Team Take Away –

  • People are coming to the HOUSE, make sure it’s READY
  • People are coming w/ EXPECTATION.
  • Doing everything that we can to make sure we are READY for EVERY SINGLE PERSON
  • It’s the ONE SHOT.

Any TEAM LEADER Take Away –

  • within your team, are you making sure that your team is being led to Jesus?
  • are you preparing in a way that your team is ready to usher people INTO THE HOUSE
  • Do you know who is baptized? Saved?  Are you walking with the Lord and helping them walk with the Lord.

Leadership Lessons From Christmas Story

Luke 2 -Devotional

Luke 2:6-20 “The Christmas Story”

v. 9 – radiance of the glory SURROUNDED THEM – it didn’t just APPEAR IN FRONT of them.  It SURROUNDED THEM. The way we LEAD and ENGAGE, should be ALL OVER US.

  • when we step between the lines – we need to BE READY to ENGAGE with Christ in Worship.  You can’t MANUFACTURE this!
  • Remember how The Lord led Israel – Pillar of CLOUD and Pillar of FIRE

v. 10 & 13 – we have GREAT NEWS about the GOOD NEWS.  Angels ANNOUNCED it!  The Word of GOD is LAMP & LIGHT!  Leads to GREAT JOY

  • don’t tell me your problems.  Go spend time with Jesus and He will bring JOY.
  • don’t back down from leading people and PUSHING people.  There will be BREAKTHROUGH and BLESSING.  They will THANK YOU LATER!

v.12 – You will RECOGNIZE HIM.

  • don’t lose the message because of Creativity
  • We need to be leading in such a way to help remove layers and masks – Fake Spray Snow illustration. Everyone has a GLAZE over them.  Serve in a way that the glaze is removed.
  • We remove the “glaze” so people can get a clearer picture of needing Jesus
  • Until people KNOW GOD, they can’t be GODLY.

v.17 – AFTER SEEING HIM – the shepherds TOLD EVERYONE.  When they see JESUS they will be CHANGED and others WILL KNOW ABOUT IT!

  • changed men who came back and celebrating the Lord.
  • It’s not just about a CLEAR MESSAGE, it’s about CLEANING UP THE PICTURE.
  • We know the VISION of what GOD HAS FOR US for the CHURCH – “It was JUST LIKE the angel had told them.”


1.  As LEADERS we set the TEMPO – BE READY walking into church.  Prayed up, Confessed up and READY.  We set OUR PERSONAL TEMPO and then we lead the TEMPO for Our team.

Parable of Evil Farmer Luke 20:9-19

1.  What did you learn?
2.  What are you going to do with it?
3.  What are you going to share with your team?
4.  What is your team pouring into their team?
5.  How do you know? <<< inspection points <<<

Luke 20:9 -19  “Parable of the Evil Farmers”

Jesus clear temple.
Jesus authority questioned.
Jesus tells parable of the evil farmers.

Vineyard Owned by THE MAN.  <interesting illustration of the church age – the church is a vineyard on loan>
Owner expected a RETURN
Evil Farmers tried to take CONTROL, made it about THEMSELVES.

Analogy – Death of a Church – – – Focus on themselves instead of God’s Mission.  SELF vs OTHERS
None of this is about US, it’s all about GOD.  It’s about HIS SHARE.

We’ve been given a GREAT OPPORTUNITY.
We’ve been given a GREAT PARTNERSHIP.

So GUARD YOUR HEART.  God doesn’t NEED US, but He WANTS US.  How cool is that?

The right people can become the wrong people.  
The farmers TURNED A CROP!  They were doing the “work of the ministry” but forgot WHO is was for.

How did we GET HERE?  How did HEART go SO BAD?

Lack of Alignment – they suddenly THOUGHT IT WAS THEIRS.  Lack of TOUCH.  Lack of INVESTMENT.

Leadership is temporary so MANAGE THE HANDOFF well.  Andy Stanley