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Champions Club

Champions Club at Granite United Church is a ministry designed to meet the developmental needs of children with special needs ages 3-12 years old in four important ways: Spiritually, Intellectually, Mentally and Physically.
Champions Club is for children to have a space that is just for them to learn about God while their parents attend are in the adult service.

Our space has 3 rooms for the children to experience where they can play and engage all while learning about Jesus! All children will have a trained buddy who will spend the service with!

Our play room:
The room is designed with a variety of musical equipment and soft play structures for gross motor fun!

Our calm room:
Complete with a bubble tube and fiber optic light strings, and calming light images the children will be able to relax and enjoy.

Our engage room:
Children will be able to engage in learning using many materials and play manipulatives while learning about Jesus!