Creative Arts Central Training Recap and Resources [Jan 2015]

Creative Arts Central Training Recap and Resources [Jan 2015]

What an incredible weekend we had at our Creative Arts Central Training with over 60 of the greatest volunteers around! It was awesome! Here are some notes and resources from this training!


Pastor Court Holloway kicked off with an incredibly challenging opening session. Here are some highlights from our first session that really hit home. 

  • You have to commit to cultivating your passion, otherwise your devotion will turn to duty, your passion will turn into practice, the miracles will be mere memories because there is nothing new. 
  • Be ALL IN when you worship - it needs to start privately. I will not offer something to God that didn't cost me anything (I won't ride the coat tails of someone else's worship.) It has to happen privately, happen with my family, myself - and then we can worship out of the overflow. I won't offer something to God that didn't cost me something. 
  • Do you GIVE? What you honor first is what you honor most. Giving is always about what you honor - give him the first and he will bless the rest. 
  • That microphone in your face - - your talent may have put it there but your character and relationship with Jesus will keep it there.
  • You want to have a challenge big enough to give your life to. 
  • We are preparing people for that moment to hear well-done.


Here are some of the resources discussed in our Breakout Sessions.

Band Breakout - Practice Tips for Taking Your Performance to the Next Level

We handed out this incredible worksheet from - Tips for Team Members - How to Practice Effectively [DOWNLOAD]

Tempo by Frozen Ape (Metronome App) - for iOS and Android [Choose OS to DOWNLOAD]

Amazing Slow Downer (for slowing down song phrases) - for iOS and Android [Choose OS to DOWNLOAD]

Vocal Breakout - Intro to Vocal Warmups and Stage Presence Do's and Don'ts

Quick Tips from our Vocal Warmup Session [DOWNLOAD]

Here is a sneak peak into our Stage Presence Do's and Don'ts session:

Lastly here are some of the areas that we covered in our Production Breakouts:

Media and Lights 

Editing Tips and Tricks for Media and Lights Overview [DOWNLOAD]

Sound Breakout -

Using Compression and Presets for Killer Sound [DOWNLOAD]