GRANITE CHURCH FAMILY - We don't exsist to go through religious motions. We
come together for a GREAT PURPOSE and MISSION. Our mission is not to fish
in other churches ponds, our misison isn't to swap fish from one aquarium
to another, our MISSION SIMPLY is to GLORIFY GOD by the lives we live with
a focus on depopulating hell and populating heaven.

Study the BIBLE and there are two things a CHRISTIAN can do here that we
cant do on eternity. 1 - SIN, and thats not a good thing to do, but we can
do it here. 2 - BRING PEOPLE TO JESUS - and that my family is a GREAT THING
to do and purpose to live for.

GRANITE is a church family that is focused WITHOUT APOLOGY on following the
example of JESUS who came to seek and to save the lost. Our mission is not
to sit and "be fed", we are on a rescue mission. We ahve been saved on
purpose and for a purpose.

The churches responsibility is not "to feed" it is to equip (eph. 4). Don't
take that the wrong way, of course we called to GROW IN THE GRACE AND
KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS but it's so that we can be DOERS OF THE WORD.

In case your new to GRANITE or even if you have been part of our family for
a long time let me share with you our STUMP SPEECH. Our STUMP SPEECH is
both the WHY and WHAT we do as a church family. See you need to know things
like this because there will be people, situations, and circumstances that
will do what they can to pull you away from giving your all to the DREAM OF
JESUS and we must stand firm because what we do matters.

I love our church and am so grateful that we get to do this together.

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