CHURCH - Its not a building iITS A FAMILY. Families are about commitment,
truthfulness, growth, they stick together through the good and the bad, the
thick and the thin. Their enduring, intentional relational and they believe
the best and want the best for each other.

Family is about putting the needs of others first despite the personal
sacrifice, being faithful to promises made, holding one another
accountable, cheering each other along, and dig in because there's too much
at stake.

There's a number of reason I take my church family seriously. See "I KNOW"
the stories of the people who sit in the chairs, I know the struggles they
face, I know the victories they've expereinced, the pain they bear and the
healing they've found.

My church has a name and its not only granite UNITED church, its THE NAME
of every child, every teenager, and every adult who calls GRANITE HOME.

So if you wondering why I'm so passionate about the church its really not
that complicated THESE PEOPLE ARE MY FAMILY! And you need to know I take my
family seriously! I will protect my family, I will protect my families
unity, and I will do everything I can to love her, grow her, and protect
her from hurt.

Our family will not be for everyone, and thats okay because they are other
great church families in the area. If GRANITES not for you we are okay with
that, and we will encourage you to find a church family you where you can
serve JESUS and find community. A church where you can win the lost and
make disciples thats GODS PLAN.

Yep, its called family and I'm honored to be part of the GRANITE UNITED
FAMILY. The stakes are way to high to play games! #nothere


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