Oh the JOYS of MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND!  It seems like we have two seasons sometimes in NEW ENGLAND, WINTER and 4th of JULY.  In case you haven't noticed MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND is not always easy.   However we get to CHOOSE whether to focus on the OBSTACLES or OPPORTUNITIES that these rhythms present! 


Yes, the OBSTACLES ARE REAL, but make no mistake about it, that in the midst of the MOST FRUSTRATING RHYTHMS of MINISTRY IN NEW ENGLAND abound some of the GREATEST MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES!  As we work to keep the church FOCUSED and ALIGNED during many SNOWED OUT weekends, let me suggest some of the GREAT OPPORTUNITIES these rhythms provide...


  • Less crowded services provide an OPPORTUNITY to better see and connect with new or newer people on our campuses
  • These rhythms provide an OPPORTUNITY for us to see more new people serve in ministries as we work hard to keep ministries staffed on the weekends
  • SNOW-MA-GEDDON has given us the OPPORTUNITY to discover we can do CHURCH ONLINE SUCCESSFULLY setting us up for our future iCAMPUS
  • Weekend SNOW STORMS have given us the OPPORTUNITY to teach our people that ONLINE RECURRING GIVING keeps the MISSION OF JESUS moving forward and help people take a step into CONSISTENT GIVING
  • NEW ENGLAND rhythms have provided us the OPPORTUNITY to identify HIGH CAPACITY LEADERS strengthening our core, our teams, and setting us up for campus expansions
  • NEW ENGLAND rhythms provide us the OPPORTUNITY to help people who might have gotten lost in the crowd CONNECT IN COMMUNITY with those they now can see

Bottom line these rhythms are what we make of them!  We can see them as OBSTACLES or we can see the OPPORTUNITIES, EMBRACE THEM, WORK THEM, and when the rhythm/weather changes we will see all these POCKETS COME TOGETHER and THEN we will be able to say to the RHYTHMS OF NEW ENGLAND...