SHOW ME YOUR TEAM AND I WILL SHOW YOU YOUR FUTURE!  This is one of the things I have taught for 17 yeas as Pastor of GRANITE UNITED CHURCH!  I remember a person saying to me when about 2 years into RE-PLANTING GRANITE that I was OVER STAFFED!

Now let me explain the CUTURE OF GRANITE has been and continues to be to MAXIMIZE LAY LEADERS by EQUIPPING and EMPOWERING THEM.  I truly believe (and its BIBLICAL) that GOD really does give GIFTS TO PEOPLE in HIS CHURCH to see HIS CHURCH ACCOMPLISH HIS MISSION!

Back to the point!  When the person suggested I was OVER STAFFED I informed them that I wasn't staffing GRANITE for where we were, but for WHERE WE WERE GOING.

When you look at your team what does it tell you about YOUR FUTURE and where you're going as a ministry?  I'll post more on this in the next few days to come!