There are so many AMAZING things about JESUS and HIS MINISTRY that just blow my mind! One of those things is OUR LORDS HEART!  Read the GOSPELS and you find that people who were nothing like JESUS liked JESUS!


Was it because they were convinced of His deity?  NOPE
Was it because He was born of a virgin? NOPE
Was it because He could walk on water ?  although that's pretty cool, NOPE
Maybe it was because He was such an amazing speaker? NOPE

As I am reading the GOSPEL OF MARK for the millionth time a verse jumped out at me that never caught my eye before.  To me its the main reason people were attracted to JESUS.  Ready for the verse, are you ready to be AMAZED, here it is...

Mark 6:46a, “After telling everyone good-bye…”

Come on are you as BLOWN AWAY and AMAZED as I am!!!!  LOL, okay here's a little context.  JESUS had just feed 5,000 plus people with a few fish and loaves!  In other words, JESUS was great at doing ministry, but while doing ministry, HE NEVER LOST SIGHT OF WHY HE DID MINISTRY, PEOPLE!

This was a long day for the LORD, He had worked hard, and He had just spent hours TEACHING! When the work was done, JESUS could have, and who would have blamed Him, He could have just taken off!  But not JESUS!

He loved the people He served that day!  He had come to give His life, to pour Himself into these people.  JESUS didn't care about the program, HE LOVED THE PEOPLE!  And that's why I LOVE this verse, it just shows the HEART OF JESUS!  Can you see Him standing there looking each of them in the eye saying goodbye!  WOW!!

What separated JESUS from all the "other religious" guys was HIS HEART!  He wasn't in this for Himself, He came to seek and to save them!

Thank you JESUS for taking the time to CARE!  To do for us what we couldn't do for ourselves, so that we can have what we don't deserve!  We love You, and we desire to be just like You!