One of the important DISCIPLINES at Granite United Church is keeping lists.  It is been said, "that if you aim at nothing you'll hit it every time."  Because NUMBERS MATTER, because numbers represent people and people matter to God, we must keep a running list of peoples names for a NUMBER of reasons!

FOR PRAYER - As leaders we must be praying for the people God brings to the church.

TO REACH - Whether we like it or not, many times, OUT OF SIGHT REALLY DOES MEAN OUT OF MIND.  If we are going to REACH and KEEP PEOPLE we must keep peoples names in front of us at all times.

TO GROW - The mission JESUS gave us was to MAKE DISCIPLES.  How can we move someone forward on the path of discipleship if we dont know who they are, where they are, and what their next step is.  Answer - YOU CAN'T!

By the way LISTS MATTER so much professional sports team's hire people to keep lists/stats.  Stats give clarity as to WHO needs to grow, WHAT needs to change and WHO needs to go.

Remember nothing great for God happens by accident, only on purpose!  SHOW ME YOUR BOOK, I'll SHOW YOU YOUR FUTURE!