YES, YES IT IS ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS!  Why?  Because every number has a soul, every soul has a story, and every story needs to be re-written by JESUS!

So what else can be done to BREAK ATTENDANCE BARRIERS?  I mean it is important to REACH PEOPLE, but isn't the goal to KEEP PEOPLE, in order to MAKE DISCIPLES.   So what can we do.  this may sound simple but trust me its a HUGE KEY in BREAKING BARRIERS.  Ready.....


The two places we want to connect people to as quick as possible at GRANITE are SMALL GROUPS and MINISTRY TEAMS.   Why?  Because people THRIVE and FEEL VALUED inside community!

If we are not adding people too MINISTRY TEAMS it is a sign of an UNHEALTHY CHURCH/CAMPUS.  Not adding to MINISTRY TEAMS not only pushes people out the back door of the church, it LACKS VISION.  And people who LACK VISION shouldn't leaders, and they do not value the PLAN OF GOD in others lives.

If we are not adding people to SMALL GROUPS, then we are robbing people of LIFE CHANGING COMMUNITY.

At GRANITE we say PEOPLE MATTER TO GOD, SO PEOPLE MATTER TO US, so lets get people connected as quickly as possible!