This week we'll be sharing qualities that we have found are KEY to a successful Campus Pastor. For each post there will be a QUALITY explained with a definition. Then there will be a few supporting "Granite-Isms" AKA Short Sayings that Summarize Big Truths, and finally a clear example of how it applies in the real world of ministry.

QUALITY #1 - A Campus Pastor is...


Relationships are the foundation for any INFLUENCE and DIRECTION you will ever give anyone on your campus.  


Example:  Your team not responding to you when you text or call?  Is one of your leaders frustrated because their team isn’t responding or connecting back with them?

Before you send your next email asking someone to serve/respond/instruct etc, ask yourself “What is going on in this family right now?  Have I prayed for them today?  Are they at work right now?  How are they doing in general with life?  Have we done anything fun or non-ministry related lately?”  If you can’t answer with confidence YES, you need to call a TIMEOUT and send that message with a personal tone.  How are you?  What’s going?  Praying for you?

BOTTOM LINE - If you don’t have someone’s heart or trust, you can’t lead them.  You are headed for USING and ABUSING THAT PERSON.  Burn bridges and dishonoring God and His kids.